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seeking a highly motivated Animal Care Technician to join the Division of Laboratory Animal Services. The qualified candidate should have experience in animal handling, husbandry, breeding, health monitoring, sanitation, drug administration, blood and tissue sampling, etc.

• Perform routine animal husbandry cage changing, animal receiving, animal observation and animal welfare duties as directed in day-to-day work, including weekend and holidays. Provide nutrition for animals by supplying food & water.

• Assess animal health status by gathering and documenting data and observing animals in their environment to report abnormal conditions.

• Collect, record and archive data to facilitate management of the animal facility.

• Monitor environment and/or equipment by obtaining, documenting and comparing data against established standards.

• Administer treatments, euthanize animals and provide assistance during special procedures by acting under the direction of others to facilitate research activities.

• Communicate with stakeholders to understand their research needs. Perform transgenic mice breeding, mating and weaning, etc.

Minimum Requirements Education B.S. in Laboratory Animal Science, Pharmacology, Veterinary Medical Science or a related field Languages Business-level oral and written English Experience/Professional Requirement

• 1-2 years of related work experience.

• Strong trouble-shooting capability is desirable.

• Good personal and communication skills in a team environment are also required.

• Transgenic mice breeding experience is desirable.



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